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We are looking for kids (approximately ages 5-15) to join KCP!
Why join?
Make New Friends
Every year the participants spend lots of time together and end up making lifelong friends through community service!
Gain Leadership Experience
Kids learn how to be responsible throughout their time at KCP - the day of the event they work different stations and interact with attendees!
Give Back
Through KCP kids learn the importance of community service and giving back.  We have seen participants learn gratitude and 
seen them grow to take initiative to even do their own mini fundraiser!



All Ages Are Welcome!


Lots of students need community service hours and KCP is a great way to get those hours while also giving back!

Volunteer Work

The day of our event we have volunteers of all ages running our stations and we need middle/high school students to run stations such as food, raffles, etc.

Independent Fundraising

This year, we are also encouraging kids to do their own fundraisers! Anything from a lemonade stand to a car wash - everything helps! 

We are available to sign off on hours and getting involved also looks great to prospective colleges!


Kidz Charity Productionz isn't just for kidz! 

Adult Involvement 

If you have a product or service you would like to donate the day of the event (examples from the past: bounce slide, hair braiding, photo booth) please contact me directly! 


You can also get involved by making a basket for our raffles - we get donations from local businesses and you fill the basket with whatever you see fit! Baskets sign ups will go out close to our event and if you are interested please contact me!


The biggest way that anyone can help out is by making a donation or coming to our event!

Click here to donate


KCP 2019
KCP 2019
Jul 09, 2019, 5:30 PM
KCP Backyard


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